Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Another visit to Lacock. 02-07-13

Popped back up to the Abbey
for another try for some Chub.
It was a dull warm morning when I 
got to the bank at 06.00.

I fed a few swims in the first two fields
with a mix of hemp, groundbait,
crushed high oil pellets,
casters and maggot.

Then started on an
a swim that had 
a nice flow running into
an over hanging tree 
and raft of debris.
I tried various baits
on the trotted Crow Quill Avon Float
and feeder rod.

Well the result was a number of
small Chub, Roach, Dace
and Minnows.

That was the same for all my swims.
Don't get me wrong I love
catching these smaller fish.
However I had hoped for something
over a 1/2 pound.
Just being there was great,
Some of the swims looked very fishy
The wildlife was very entertaining.
I guess when there is a bit more flow and colour
the scaly ones will start to show. 
I tried to pull something bigger out from this
mass of fallen tree.
This strange coloured duck
and her ducklings
decided to feed in amongst
the branches.

I also tried fishing under
a couple of large trees
where it was quite dark,
especially as it had started to rain.
Again nothing of any size
showed up
around mid day the bites stopped.
Just as well as I had to leave by 1pm.

Another very relaxing morning. 

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