Thursday, 11 July 2013

Frenchay Frome 11-07-13

Despite the Hay Fever I had
a few hours spare
so down to the Frome I popped again.

Fishing 12 noon till 2.30.

Float rod and centre pin in hand
I tried 6 swims.
Baiting the swims while walking up stream.
I then tried each swim on the way down.

Roach were caught in all the swims
which were between 2ft and
8ft deep.

This was a fine 5oz Perch 
that fell for red and white maggot,
which was the only bait taken.
 This 1lb 7oz Trout was caught in
in the final swim.
 It really pleasant down there 
but a bit tight in places.
By 2 pm I was in trouble
with the pollen,
so it was just as well
I had to home.
I  was quite poorly
by then.

Not sure when I'll 
be out again as the 
Hay Fever is a real problem at the moment,

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