Tuesday, 30 July 2013

River Frome, Eastville and Vassles Park. 24-07-13

Sorry no photos today.

I've been busy at home so no time for fishing

Managed an afternoon out and wanted to try the Eastville lake 
stretch of the Frome. This is just about as far
down stream that can be fished before
it dives under Bristol.

Tried four different swims but only managed
a few Dace and Roach.
Its quite snaggy, I lost 7 hook lenghts, and shallow.

I will try some more of the swims later in the year.

I then went up to the stretch below
Vassles Park and Oldbury Court.

Tried three swims here, including the one
I caught some nice 2lb Chub in the winter.

As expected there were a lot 
of people walking there dogs.
Even so I tried a deep swim under a 
large overhanging tree.
There were no bites at all,
this used to be a cracking spot
for Roach up to 2lb.

Well short story. Blanked in all three swims.

So I headed down stream towards
the Snuff Mill
for 1/2 an hour in 
one of my favourite
Chub swims.
No Chub but plenty
on Dace and a couple of Roach.

All in all a nice 3 1/2 hours fishing. 

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