Monday, 4 November 2013

Lacock blank, 29-10-13

Back to the Avon at 09.15 to a
lovely morning.
The river was 3ft up and brown with a good pace.
It had been around 3ft higher and was dropping.
I thought I would catch but unfortunately
that was not to be.
Heading down stream I fed half a dozen swims
with six or seven bait droppers each.
My usual mix of pellets were used.

Well I enjoyed the session, the wind steadily 
picked up during the day. The sun stayed out
but the fish did not come out to play.

I decided to go in to the Abbey Fields
to see what the swims were like with the extra water
running through.
An angler in the second field was seen releasing a fish
but I did not have time to go and have a chat.

I fished a couple more swims but still no bites.
Another angler passed by and said he was
also blanking.

I was a bit hacked off because I
had left the lob worms behind.

Another glorious autumn day. 

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