Saturday, 12 July 2014

A pleasant afternoon evening with my son. 10-07-14

Andrew said he would meet me 
up at Lacock at 3pm, 
so I started in the first field under a tree
until he arrived.
I set up a boillie ledgered under a
raft of rubbish.
Then used maggot trotting down
the near side.
This produced around 30
roach,dace, chub, minnow
and perch.
One of the Minnows was taken by 
something which didn't play very hard
but stayed deep.
Eventually it spat the now
rather squashed Minnow out.
I would love to have seen it.

Andrew arrived and off we went to feed a few swims
and the fish them on the back.
In the first few swims there were plenty of rattles
and knocks but nothing on the bank.
A change of rig to give a better
flowing trace style and straight away
the result was different.
The first knock produced a
good pull on the rod and something heavy
was on the end, it pulled like mad
and eventually headed under a fallen log.
This fish was lost as it snagged the rig with the hook length snapping.

In the last swim I finally landed a
better Chub. This one was 1lb 8oz. 
 Then just at last knocking
this 2lb 5oz Chub took the bait.
Well that ended a great evening with good fishing, good surroundings
and very good company.
Roll on the next trip out.

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