Saturday, 19 July 2014

Last time at Lacock? We'll see. 17-07-14

Yep back up Lacock
for 5.30am.
Then the long trudge to my chosen swims.
At the first I found two Badgers
snuffling around the field.
This one did not see me as walked past.
Only when I got the camera out did it get 
camera shy and leg it. 
 So a gentle flip of the free lined Boillie
down the near bank, and I sat down to wait 
for the fish to take an interest.
Well after 40 minutes or so a
pull on the rod and I had a Chub on.
2lb 10oz.
Great start but no more interest,
and time for swim two.
Now this one usually produces 
a couple of Chub.
But only a 1lb 9oz Chub showed 
it licked my bait.
So swim three,
this was another new swim for me.
Dropping a light ledgered bait
on the far bank under a hangover bush
and a free lined one on the near bank.
This produced the best Chub of the day
2lb 13oz on the free lined bait.
 Shortly after the other rod was hit by a
2lb 11oz fella. 
Then these to young swans
decided it was time for me to move on.
Now it started to brighten up
after a dull start.
So swim four and I could see
7 or 8 Chub up to around 3 1/2lb
could be seen. Again the
the free lined bait was dropped in,
I watched them race around the bait with plenty of
line bites.
They were trying to knock the bait off the
hook, which they managed to do.
So using to small baits, I
Gently dropped them near to some 
weed mid flow.
A few loose feeds were introduced
and that had the desired effect.
A cracking tussle and a 2lb 7oz
chap was on the bank.
The fish had now disappeared.
So next swim and a 2lb 9oz chub
came out to play.
The next swim produced a blank
so a 12 noon I headed home.
Another cracking days fishing.
I have now fished all the swims at the venue
so I'm looking for some where new.
Watch this space.

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