Friday, 4 July 2014

Back to the pole. 03-07-14

Back down to the Bristol Frome
with the pole.
I fished about 10 yards up from
my last trip as there was an other
angler close to it.

Well using the same ground bait
with casters, hemp and sweetcorn
mixed in.

Over that I fed loose maggot, caster
hemp and sweetcorn.

This time I struggled to get a bite, except for
Minnows. I even caught them on size 14 hooks????

Well after an hour or so,
the float just moved very slowly
in circles, an other Minnow,
thinks I.
So I only made a gentle strike,
when the elastic, No5, 
pulled out and kept pulling.
Well this Trout did not realize 
it had been hooked.
It did eventually wake up
and raced around, as Trout do.
It weighed 2lb 9 3/4oz
but I reckon it could 3lb when its got
its condition back. It was really skinny.
The strange thing was it took
sweetcorn at 13 meters.
Well it was back to the Minnows
until around 6pm.
Then I had a Rudd, small Chub
and my first Roach of the season
at 16 meters.
By 6.45 I decided I'd had enough
of Minnows,
shipping 16 meters of pole
in and out is hard work for a Minnow.

The river needs a bit of rain to put some colour flow
the cheer it up.

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