Wednesday, 9 September 2015

First trip to a new venue. 08-09-15

Well at last
I was feeling a lot better and
things at home had settled down.
So I arrived there at just before
in a lovely thick fog.
I'm up stream from Limply Stoke,
and looking forward to 
the new challenge
of a new area.
 I chose swims with good 
overhangs on both banks.
First problem was my poor casting,
so I had to really concentrate
on getting it right and accurate.
Second was the weed, its pretty
thick and trying to get the bait
down was a real hassle.
Especially as I was using
very light weights. Even trying free lining
between weed beds.
 In most of the swims I saw Chub 
just  sat at the surface, not even feeding.
I tried some surface feeding
and the result was the Chub
just either moved aside or
let the bait go straight over their heads.
 One swim was quite clear of weed mid stream
so I cast over to the far bank, next to the weed,
and one under a near side overhanging tree.
Well that's the spot where
I did manage a few knocks,
and a good take.
The fish went straight under the
the over hang, resulting in
me losing it with a hook pull.
Well that was it, no more interest.
So with only about 20 minutes to
my planed finish time,
I tried a hole in a bank of trees.
I had seen Chub swimming there so
was hopeful I would at least have some interest.
But no, nothing was interested in getting there
heads down.
As can be seen the river was very low, slow and clear.
I packed up at midday. Having tried
5 swims.
I think as I find some deeper swims and 
learn the river better it should be a great venue.

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