Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Chub at last 29-09-15

This time I arrived at the Avon at 1pm,
and walked to the furthest swim. Feeding others I intended
to fish as I passed them.

Again, I could not catch on boillie
or pellet.
However I did feed maggots into
most of these swims.

By 4.30 I was in the
float swim as I call it.
From the first put in I started
catching small
Roach. Dace, Chub and this time
 Early on I lost another bigger fish,
This was the fifth larger fish I
have lost to hook pulls, bent out hooks
and fish swimming into a snag.
So I beefed up the hook length
but this slowed the fishing.
So swapping back to
the lighter hook length I
was catching again.
I think the water was so clear that
 fish could see the line.
Well about 5.30 I had the smallest of bites
 and striking into it I found a better fish.
A short but brisk play and this 3lb 7oz
Chub was on the bank.
Lean but in good condition 
it was most welcome.
 I continued to catch the small
fish and really enjoyed being back to
the way I enjoy the most.
Whilst using the float rod I 
was also using a Maggot feeder rod.
This was not very good but I did catch a few
small mixed grill fish.
 One was hit by a Pike which was a really
good fight. In the end it won its prize
and bit through the hook length.
At 7.15ish I had another really gentle
bite this time I struck slowly
and felt the weight.
On 5lb main line and 3lb 2oz
hook length to a size 16 hook.
This 3lb 15 1/2oz Chub
was banked.
Well that was it another really enjoyable day on the Avon.

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