Monday, 21 September 2015

Wet net. 20-09-15

Well I went back to the Avon
but this time with Maggot 
and Casters.
Also the float was in the rod
quiver and desperate for an outing.
Right from the first cast
it was roach, dace or 
small chub.
 Most were between 
3oz and 6oz.
All were fin perfect,
and really god to see.
Hopefully  a good sign for the future. 
 The best was this Roach
of around 1/2lb.
I did loose 2 good fish which
were to strong for for my light
tackle. Straightening the size 16 hooks.
 I fished from around 06.30 till
After a foggy start it ended up sunny
and warm.
I tried a couple of other
but nothing but Minnows.
Pellet on the quiver failed to even get a bite.
So I will get my centre pin reel and beef up the tackle
So role on the next trip.

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