Monday, 14 November 2016

A walk to pick up my lost rig 14-11-16.

Warning there is deep mud in this area
and on big tides the water rises very rapidly.
Do not fish this area unless your with someone who knows the
I popped down 
to get back my lost rig
from last evening.
This post is covered in netting 
and was what I was trying to miss.
However I fell short of the gully by this post
and ended in thick mud.
I found my rig had dug in 6 inches deep in the mud 
the shock leader wrapped round the post.
 Having my rig in a bucket
I photo graphed the area for a future fishing trip.
Its firm ground out to a gully in the distance
and firmish ground in between.
 The ground all across here is firm but not 
to the right of this photo.
 As can be seen there is a lot of mud back towards the shore
some of it is quite deep.
 I will only fish this the gully on small
Big tides I will fish from just the other side of the
grass backing up to where I took this photo.
Please take great care here,
retreat early giving your self plenty of time
to get to high 

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