Monday, 14 November 2016

Loads of mud and a Flounder. 12-11-16

Decided to try out a gully
down Severn Beach way
on Saturday.
With a 12.8 mtr tide at 5.15pm
I headed down there for 3pm.
The tide was just filling the gully I 
was aiming for.
A walk out to meet the tide
with two rods and a bait bucket.
I was using Rag on a Wishbone rig with Whole Squid
on a Pennell Pulley rig.
 From the start
the expected gunk on the line was a pain
but thankfully none of the grass and weed
was around.
So a lot of pining was needed when 
I wound in.
 As can be seen it was like a mill pond
and warm with it.
The baits were not being touched
so it was a surprise 
when a slight rattle 
produced this plump 12 inch
Flounder at high tide.
With the tide rapidly receding
I decided to head home at 6pm. 

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