Wednesday, 23 November 2016

No fish but still a P.B. 23-11-16

Last minute change of venue did not pay off.
I intended to fish the muddy pipes but
I thought the recent rain would have carried
down more rubbish than was the case.
So low tide at New Passage was my second choice.
I have, in the past, had good results here,
so was ever hopeful.
Well the gullies were the same,
but there were a few new obstruction
placed in various places.
Well with Rag and small Squid 
for bait I started fishing at 09.30.
The rag baits were coming back partly stripped
but the ones tipped with Squid were not touched.
It was flat calm at first but the
wind steadily picked up all day.
                                                      Packed up at high tide, 14.30 as originally planed.                               Well not a bite.
I did manage to foul hook
the largest Prawn I have ever seen.
So a P.B. there.

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