Thursday, 10 November 2016

Back to the Ledges. 09.11.16

As my first choice of venue was blown off
I decided to fish a deep water mark.
So back to the ledges. 
Started at 8am 
and fished till my bait ran out, around 2.30.
Fished the usual rigs at first
but at around 10.00 I tried out a
Wishbone rig
Lug, Rag, Squid and Mackerel were the usual baits,
with a good mix of all of them or on there own.
From the first cast, the big baits were coming
back wrecked, without seeing any bites.
The Lug and Rag baits were stripped within 
10 minutes.
 The Lug and Rag baits were stripped within 
10 minutes.
Even with 1/0 Wishbone rigs
Eventually I found the culprits,
Two came in, on two separate casts (yes 4 in total).
There was a good gusty, westerly wind.
As can be seen it got a bit splashy at times
but otherwise no hassles.  
In the end I caught a Conger
about 3ft long and managed to loose another, line so 
both reels will be respooled and serviced.
I think I lost due to dodgy 
At least I managed an escape, and enjoyed it as usual.

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