Friday, 7 October 2011

Didn't we have a lovely time, the day we went to Portishead.

Rusty's choice of venue was the Slipway.
Getting down there at 10.00 we set 
with Rusty to the left.
 Me to the centre and right.

 Squid, Lug and Rag were the baits.
Rigs were various pulley styles and mixes
of baits.
First blood came to me, a table sized Whiting.
Then Russell caught a Codling for the table.
Various size and types of bites over the next couple of hours or so.
Until around 12.30 when one of my rods rattled and nodded,
WOOO HOOO! A good pull on the rod and a 
in came this 9.5lb Thornback Ray
 Quickly released and cast out again.
Turn to chat to Russell and one of his
lines was slack.
Striking, Russell was upset nothing there.
"Wind in" I shout.
"There's nothing there"
"Keep winding Rusty"!
"Yahoo" Shouts Rusty "IT'S A ??????? BASS"  
 5lb bar of silver.
 He's just text me and said it was Lush.
As can be seen from this picture it wasn't rough
even with a stiff  left to right wind. 
The only other fish caught was a tiny Codling, 
caught by Russell.
I had biggest Fish
Russell had Best fish and most fish.
Nice day, good company!

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