Saturday, 29 October 2011

Duchess lake Roach love white Maggots

Popped down to Duchy this morning, 
fishing from 08.30 till 12.30.
Fished from the east bank 
at 8.5mtrs on the pole.

Baits used were maggots, casters and worm
over hemp, chopped worm and groundbait.
Also used maggot and caster 
over liquidized bread.

From the off the small Roach were
on the feed. White maggot was the bait 
of the day. Worm didn't really account for much.
Caster caught slightly larger Roach ans Skimmers.

The little Roach were just that 2 to the ounce size
taking single maggot on size 18 hook to 2lb hook length
and 5lb main line.

Biggest fish caught were around 1/4lb.

In the end I had about 150 fish for not much more then 3lbish.

It was a catching day, not just a fishing day.

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