Friday, 21 October 2011

The Cottage

Went down to the Cottage today with Rusty Ramos,
AKA Russell.
We fished for three hours.
We arrived full of hope and gagging to catch fish.
First thing to be beached was a lump
Tubeworm casing.
 This is the view looking towards Battery Point
 This is the view looking towards Clevedon.
 Well using our usual mix of rigs
with Lug Rag, Squid and Bluey as bait
we failed to catch anything.
Until I caught this Pin Whiting on my final wind in.
Phew blank saved for me.
Poor Rusty was not impressed with this venue as he lost two rigs.
I lost three. It never used to be that bad, It was a
favourite of mine for many years.
I also used my Carp rod which managed to catch three
Snotties in quick succession.
HHHMMM where ton ext time.

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