Wednesday, 19 October 2011

New Passage 18-10-11

Fished two rods with the usual Wishbone rig and Pulley rig.
Bait used were Lug worm Ragworm and Whole Squid.
Started fishing at 08.00 after having a walk out over some of the area
in front of where I was fishing.
Whilst out there I saw some rigs on top of the mud 
so trudged out and picked them up.
However I also pulled in a shed load of 
other rigs plus miles of line.
First proper bite came around 09.30, it was a good pull down
and then drop back.
Yahooooooo! A nice 3 1/2lb Codling had taken the 
whole Squid wrapped with lug and rag. 
The whole Squid was cast out around 50mtrs
to a fishy looking area.
The Wishbone was loaded with lug and rag
and cast from 30 to 80 mtrs out.
trying to find where the fish were feeding.
Two more Codling came to the lug worn baited hook on
the wishbone around the top of the tide. 11.00mtrs.
All the time I cleaned the mess of line and rigs
I'd found.
In the end I had 32 usable leads, a box full of 
bits and pieces.
Some of the weights I found.
Packed up around 12.00.
Headed home with a bucket full of extra line, weights and bits
and tree fish for diner.
The local Twitchers were kept busy watching a
Skua (Sea bird) sheltering from
the strong cold westerly wind in the small river
behind the shingle bank.

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Anonymous said...

Hi pat. what sort of range did you find the fish?

many thanks.