Sunday, 22 December 2013

Another Friday down Duchess Lake. 20-12-13

With the rivers a little out of sorts
Russell and I decided to have
a nice quite and easy trip down to Duchess.

As can be seen the early weather was magic
after a short sharp shower just as we were setting up.

Also a strange site was me using bite alarms,
I must admit it made a change to just sit
and chat and watch the wild life.

However it did not take long for me to
put a quiver tip rod away and set up
a float rod with Maggot as bait, without any ground bait.
Well it worked a treat. I was straight into
small Roach from the off. Gudgeon 
and Skimmers also said hello.
After an hour and a half the bites died out
so I started feeding small balls of
liquidized bread.
That got them interested again.
I ended the day with around 3lb of 
fish, not bad and very enjoyable.

I had a few blips and pulls on the ledger 
rod loaded with Sweetcorn, Maggot and worm
cocktail. Over a pellet, sweetcorn and maggot 
loose feed bed.
 Russell ended up a bit annoyed
as he could only catch 2 Bream which
together weighed in at
9lb 14 3/4oz.
He is wondering when he will catch his first
carp down there.
He used to be able to catch ever trip.

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