Sunday, 22 December 2013

A couple of hours on the Frome. 22-12-13

With only about 3 hours spare, 
I headed down to a very
milky tea coloured River Frome.
I started up in the Frenchey stretch,
and fished 6 swims.
There was a good flow and I thought I might
have caught a Chub or two.
Apart from a few Maggots getting
taken on extremely shy bites, I
managed to loose 10 hook lengths to snags.

I then headed down river to a couple of favored
deeper stretches that usually
produce Chub, Trout, Roach or Dace.
Again some very sly bites but nothing
came to the net.

One good thing was I got back to the car just in time.
By the time I got home there must have been
an inch of hail on the roads,
and it had just about stopped raining.

That made my last fishing trip before
Christmas a very festive one.

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