Sunday, 15 December 2013

Duchess lake for a change 13-12-13

Russell invited me to join him down Duchess Lake.
So we set up on the eastern end of 
the south bank.
Russell cast over to the reeds
on the far bank with
Sweetcorn, Maggot and small Lobworm
 This produced five fine Bream (though Russell hates them),
Typical Carp angler!
They weighted just over 20lb all together.
I had to hold them as he does not like
slimy fingers.
The last one had quite a lot of blood in the fins.
Not sure what was going on there.
I used some new boillies and paste I had made
on a feeder rig and Maggot or bread on the other rod.
This only produced a Gudgeon and a small Roach.

I also tried my float rod, this method was also very slow
just producing small Roach. Russell managed to catch the biggest
Roach on the float rod.

The weather was warm until 1pm when the forecasted 
front came over. Amazing change in the wind then
The wind to the east was blowing the clouds
from south east to north west.
Over head the wind was south west to north east.

We packed up at 14.30. Another enjoyable fishing trip
with my son.
Friday 13th was not good for my fishing. 

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