Thursday, 5 December 2013

Dry net on the Avon 03-12-13

Back up to Lacock 
to check out a few more
new swims.
Again arriving around 10 am,
 I decided to try longer
hook lengths today.
Popping into the first swim I soon found 
out that this spot is a tackle 
grave yard. I could not cast beyond the 
the overhang on the far bank without 
snagging up.
Casting short did not produce  any results.
 So after an 1 1/2 hours 
I moved to the next swim.
This time I cast one up stream and one down stream.
Changing the different bait and hook length combos,
again there were takers.
 Next, was a swim I fished last time.
One on the far bank and one on the near bank.
This one had the same result.
However whilst I was answering the mobile,
a log around 12 foot long came by and
snag me up, thought it would miss. 
Must have had a branch
sticking out underneath.
 On to the next swim,
this one had a large tree just down
Here I tried to free line various baits, once
again I failed to get more than a tug or two.
I now decide to go to my last swim, again
with plenty of cover down stream.
Once again I could not tempt anything out.
With a quite severe headache I decided
to call it a day and was back at the car
around 3.15 pm.
Not a good trip this time,
I don't think I was really in the fishing

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