Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Early start, late catch.

Arrived at Lacock around
This time I decided to fish some swims
as I headed down stream.
In the first swim I used my
float rod to fish Maggots
over loose fed Casters and Maggots.
After a slow start I soon had Roach, Dace and Minnows
queuing up to snap up the hook bait.
All the time I had a ledger rod
fishing tucked under the vegetation
 on the near bank.
It was loaded with Bacon Grill.
Unfortunately it The Chub were not
interested in a bit of Bacon.
So after an hour I moved about 50 yards
further down stream. This was a high bank
where I hoped to christen my new landing net handle.
A ledger plopped by a half fallen bush
with pellet over loose pellets. 
Apart from a good pull and run I blanked here.
Three more new swims were also lacking in
any takes but plenty of lost tackle.
Never mind learning the water is probably
the best part of fishing.
The wild life was quite interesting as well.
Especially as there appeared to be eight
owls in the neighborhood when I first got there.
I decided to fish the the first swim for the last hour.
This produced a cracking Chub with probably
the reddest fins I have seen in a Chub. 
Another great Decembers day fishing.
I must apologize to the two gentlemen I spoke to:-
I have forgotten your names.
Hope you had a good afternoons fishing.

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