Thursday, 20 February 2014

A break in the weather. 19-02-14

A break in the weather coincided
with an other chance for a longer break from caring. 
 So off to the Avon I went.
Fishing from midday till 6pm.
I was using boilies, (shock and horror,) this time.

When I got there I found the the Avon in a lot better
condition then I expected.

So using P.V.A. Stocking and string to
add some free bits and pieces to each
 In the first swim I had a few
knock and pulls before
a proper pull and a nice plump
3lb 7oz Chub came to the net.
More pulls and cloncks 
only produced a lost hook length
to a hidden snag.
In total I fished 4 other swims 
which give e any more sings of
so I headed back to the first swim
for the last hour.
This swim continued show some
fish were still active.
This included a really good
take, this was a Barbel 
which pulled really well
and used the flow to good effect.
Unfortunately some how it managed to escape the hook.

I think I will go
back to using the back wind
method instead of the drag.
Since I changed styles,
I have lost too many fish. 

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