Monday, 3 February 2014

River Frome 03-02-14

With a window in the weather
this morning,
I went down to the Frome
for a few hours of pole feeder float fishing.

I spent the first fourty minutes
 with a six gram float
trying to trott the swim.
This did not work,
so on went the feeder float rig.

This a standard pole float rig except
the feeder is attached where the hook
usually goes and the hook
length is attached above
the feeder. Either patternoster style
or running hook length style.

 I used a ground bait feeder
with maggot and caster 
mixed in.
I had a size 18 hook on running 1 1/2lb
hook length, main line was 4lb.
Any float can be used as it just a maker
to show you depth of water and not really for bite indication.
The idea is for the feeder to stay still and the
hook length to pull through
pulley style.

 I used red and white maggots and caster
plus a mix of them.
 I gave it about four minutes
between each put in, unless I had a bite.
After about 1/2 an hour the first
rattle and pull on the elastic,
Resulted in a plump Dace.

This 1lb 4oz Roach was next in the bag,
Really pulling out the number 5 elastic.
I packed up at 12 noon
having had a four hour session.
This produced  10 Minnows,
4 Roach, 4 Dace
and a Skimmer.

The river had fined down nicely,
but the dogs were there usual
pain in the neck.
Some of the owners were even
But I did have a good chat with others.
Another really nice short session.

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Anonymous said...

nice big roach.