Sunday, 23 February 2014

A clearing river 22-02-14

Well the call of the river bank was calling,
so I trundled up the M4 to Lacock.
The Avon was well down and clearing fast,
the flow was steady.
I decided to head up stream and fish a couple of new swims.

The first was a total waste of time as it was
full of snags. So with four hook lengths left behind,
I moved down stream to a swim I had fished before.
This one did show a bit of life
and after 45 minutes
I landed this 4lb 14 1/4oz
That breeze was a bit chilly at times

I then moved down stream
fishing 4 further swims with out even a touch.
All these swims had produced before 
but not a touch.

This photo is another swim I had not tried before
which proved to be quite shallow.
Again nothing showed any interest.
So for the last hour I popped into the swim I caught
my Barbel in the summer.
This proved empty as well,
but did show that the floods have
cleared a lot of the rubbish and cover.

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