Monday, 10 February 2014

Frosty Frome. 10-02-14

Trudged my way up
to my favored peg.

With frost on the car and on the ground
it did feel colder and the river felt cold as well.
I guess the hail yesterday
cooled it down.

Still, feeding a couple of balls
 of ground bait, and then
setting up my pole, I
used a ground bait feeder
with size 18 hook to 1lb hook length.

A Roach was on the hook straight away,
quickly followed by a Minnow.
I felt that I was in for a good day now,
How wrong could I have been.

That was it for over an hour,
the bites were few and far between
and in the end, I ended up with
4 Roach, 3 Dace 1 Gudgeon
and 6 Minnows.
Total weight was 2lb 13oz.
In the end a maggot feeder was
slightly better at picking off the
hungry fish!!!!!

I did loose 12 hooklengths
to a snag that was not there on my last

On a positive note 
I saw a Dipper fly past,
The first I have seen since 1998! 


Anonymous said...

nice to see you caught a few, hopefully the worst is behind us now.

Jake Williamson said...

hey there, i'd be really interested to know where you're fishing on the frome?

i live up the road from snuff mills and the waters been so high recently i haven't actually ventured out there yet!

am i right in thinking it's free to fish there from the car park to the 2nd weird pool?

keep up the good work, it's a cracking blog!


Pat said...

The first stretch up stream of the Mill was emptied last year, so I don't know if it has been restocked yet.
The Frome upstream from the Mill on the left hand bank up to the concrete foot bridge, then the right hand bank right up to below Frenchay Common are free. However you do need a Licence of course.
Take Maggot and a float rod and give it a go, look for likely spots and try. It helps you find some good stretches.
Good luck.

Jake Williamson said...

thanks pat, that's valuable info.

interesting that the stretch up from the mill has been emptied. we went walking there in the summer when we arrived in bristol and there were loadsa fish in the shallows! lots of people fishing off a fallen tree on the far bank above the weir pool opposite the mill.

i think i'll save some left over maggots from a weekend session and give it a go before work one morning (if it ever stops raining that is...).

thanks again for posting back,