Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Fish, dogs,dog owners and ducks. 05-03-14

6.30 and I was walking down the hill
to the Frome.
I set up at a swim I used to
fish in the 90's with my then young sons.
There used to be a large fallen tree
which was a great fish magnet.
Now its only 2' deep!
So I decided to move to a deeper swim.
Ground bait was put in, with some maggot, caster,
 worm and hemp freebies.
Then I set up a
1grm float with a size 20 hook.
I tried hard on the bottom and
and trotting the swim.
Trotting was best.
First put-in produced
the largest and fattest Minnow I've ever seen.
This was followed by a good Dace. 
 This carried on for another
hour or so,
by which time I had about
2lb of Roach, Dace and Minnows.
Red and white maggot was best.

Then the nutty dog owners arrived,
(only a small minority nutty mind),
this person thought it would be good
to throw a stick into river about 8 meters 
down from my swim.
The dog was in for a swim,
that was it, only three more
Minnows were caught by 11.30.
Three more dogs also went
in for an early spring dip.
So off home I went.
 These two Mallards decided to scrounge
for some free food and boy they had a slap
up brunch.
As can be seen in the first duck photo the Frome is
clearing quickly and there was a good flow.
I think part of the problem for
the lack of fish
the clear water and bright sun.
Either way I did not enjoy the trip
as much as I had hoped.

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