Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Codling came in two by two. Rockingham 22-03-14

Back to the grass bank again
as I only had the morning free.
Using up the left over
worms and some Squid,
I again used the same style of rigs.
This time the fish came in
doubled up on the wishbone rig.
 These little Codling
were also trying to
take whole Squid on
4/0 hooks.
Again 17 Codling were caught
and returned.
Rubbish, grass and other muck
caused problems with winding in.
The washing on the line
caused the shock leader knot to
catch on the top eye.
So I was forced to
cut the line,
remove the rubbish
and retie the the shocky.
The wind was also a pain but all in all
another good session.

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