Friday, 21 March 2014

Rockingham 21-03-14

07.30 at Rockingham
and ready to cast.
 With a bit of a breeze blowing
I set up on my usual spot with a pennell pulley 
 and wishbone rigs loaded with
1/0 to 4/0 hooks
and Lug and Rag worm baits.
I also put out my
specimen rod with 
1/0 flowing trace for close in work.
First cast was at 07.50.
 From the off
it was little fish.
They all took Lug except 2.
All were Codling except one 
which decided Rag was the bait.
All three rods
were kept busy on the flood.
Only 2 were caught on the ebb.
17 Codling and the flounder
was the end result.
None of the Codling
were over 9 inches.
Nice if breezy mornings fishing
I packed up at 11.00.

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