Thursday, 13 March 2014

Last bash on the Bristol Frome. 13-03-14

As hoped, I had a final fling 
down the Frome today.
Fished 11am till 2pm.

First swim was full of snags,
so with three lost hook lengths,
I moved to the next swim,
again it was full of snags.
So onto swim three,
on the second trot
through, I had this 2lb 2 1/2oz Chub.
 Shortly after I caught this
It looked as if it was a juvenile
just changing to its adult colours
 The photo does not do it justice,
it was really bright coloured.
 Next was an equally hansom
Roach of the same size, but thanks to
a number dogs trying to get my bread
bait, I had to release it before
I could take a photo.
Now came around 20 Minnows,
and the dog problem was getting worse,
so on to swim four.

This one is usually a banker for Chub
but this Tout of around 6oz was first on the hook,
followed by a 2oz (ish) Trout.
That was it in an hour of
trotting Maggot or bread flake.
Well it was time to head home
and a good end to a quite good
2013 / 2014 river season.


Russell Hilton said...

Looks like a golden Rudd - interesting catch from a river.

Pat said...

That is the third Rudd I've had on the Frome in the last few years.
Look forward to catching more.