Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Soggy Limply Stoke. 07-10-14

In between some light showers
I was able to set up in some trees.
I had a fallen tree up stream,
an over hanging bush down stream
and a crease running from the end of
the upstream tree.
There was more flow than the last trips
 and a little

I was using the usual baits
and freebies.
There were no signs of any fish
but at least I was baiting that swim for future
One more thing that was obvious is
there were a few snags here.
Lets hope some flood water moves the snags away.
Any way with an other shower having passed
I decided to move to another spot.
When my down stream rod
pulled down then dropped back.
After a short but not very inspiring fight,
this 3lb 3oz Chub was in the net. 
 Little did I know that that would be all
the action for that day.
Apart from a few more showers.
Two more swims were tried,
 but nothing was playing the game.
So after 5 hours and three swims
and another big shower on its way,
I legged it to the car at 12 noon..
Just in time as it turned out
because a heavy hail storm started just as I
got in to the car.

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