Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A few more Chub 01-10-14

Back across to Limpley Stoke.
Using the usual rods and bait but adding
some homemade paste of various flavours.
I set up at may favorite swim.
I had regular rattles on both rods,
but it was not until 4.10 pm
when I caught my first Chub.
It weighed 4lb 4 1/4oz
and fought like it was in charge.
It had definitely been scoffing
the loose fed pellets I had put in
when I first arrived. 
 Twenty minutes later
a 3lb 7oz fella was on the bank.
Again showing the extra weight
they seem to be putting on.
This one had quite a few marks on it
where t had won battles with
other predators.
 Half an hour later
this 3lb 4oz chap was in the net
and smiling for the camera.
 Fish number 4 was a 3lb 6oz
and again well fed.
With my ankle starting to sort its self out
I hope to start checking out more swims.
I am getting bored of only fishing
one or two swims.
All the Chub were
caught when the sun was
hiding behind the clouds.

So I will try fishing in the trees when my ankle is sorted.

Whinge of the day!!!!

Some bloke on a canal boat on the K & A canal
across the river was having 
a shouting match with some one on his mobile.
Pity the other boat owners up there.

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