Tuesday, 21 October 2014

That was the blank that was. Lipley Stoke 19-10-14

With an afternoon to spare I decided to pop
down to Limpley Stoke,
arriving at 12.00.
As my ankle is still not write
I decided to sit it out in one spot.
I beefed up the weights on both rigs
 I beefed up the weights on both rigs
and used a paste wrapped around the weight
for extra attraction.
The river was up, with a good flow and plenty of colour.
 Well as the sun went down 
the fish showed no interest at all.
Leaves and other debris were a
causing many possible indications of bites.
Well by 18.30 I was packing up
and was a little bit down in the dumps.
Wild life including
King fishers, Dippers and
were a constant distraction.

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