Friday, 24 October 2014

Back to Rockingham 24-10-14

For my first sea trip of the Cod season,
I decided to pop down to my favorite
High water was at 08.12 and 12.9mtrs.
I arrived at 06.00.
Setting up my usual 4/0 - 3/0 pennel pulley rig
loaded with whole Squid,
and 1/0 wishbone rig
loaded with Rag worm.
Immediately I started getting bites,
good rattles and then had 
a good pull down and drop back on the 
pennel rig.
Unfortunately what ever it was
did not catch on the hooks.
So a fresh whole squid was cast back out.
The first Codling to be banked
came in 10 minutes later.
It took the Squid rig and weighed in
2lb 4oz.
There then followed a number rattles which
resulted in two more Codling on the
wishbone rig which were under sized.
I then set up my specimen rod 
for a bit of in close work.
This used a flowing trace rig with Rag worm.
This immediately produced a small Whiting, 
and then a Flounder.
 As can be seen from these two photos
the weather great, the forecasted rain
did not arrive until after I had packed up.
Around the top of the tide the bites stopped
only starting again about an hour
Well nine fish were caught a Flounder, a Whiting
and seven Codling was the final count.
I packed up at 09.30.

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