Friday, 13 November 2015

Just the one! and a blank.

Well at last a couple of minutes to catch up on
catches or not as the case maybe.
 Up to the Avon on 13-10-15
arriving at 13.00. Usual baits in hand
with six swims baited up on the walk down stream.
Well the normal tactics with both feeder rod and
float rod produced some signs of life in the first swim,
with this 3ld 15oz Chub taking maggot
to the float.
But that was it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not another bite or sign of a bite from the six swims
not even bob of the float.

On the 20-10-15
I decided to try at Upper Christian Malford
I fished here before and had some good
However once again
I failed to catch anything
not even a bite.

Great shame as it is a very nice venue.
Well that was it I with having to spend
time at home again.
So no fishing for a few weeks.

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