Sunday, 15 November 2015

Wow that was windy. 15-11-15

With some worm baits left over and 
some Squid I once again drove down
to Rockingham.
Getting there at 06.30
I realized that I was in for a 
windy session.
Getting down to the grass bank
I knew I was in for rough time.
Setting up the usual rigs I was surprised to see that the 
tide was coming in quicker than normal.
This made me move everything 
back from the drop off by 20 - 30 feet.
 The weed was bad from the start 
combined with the wind and the 
waves there was no chance of
seeing any bites.
None of the bait was touched,
so with the waves cresting the top of the bank
 and the weed blocking the top eye
before the shock leader knot was out of the water
I called time.
That is the first time I had to take my glasses off
while fishing
and they were the worst
condition I have ever fished.
I was packed up by by 08.20
High water was at 09.00.
As can be seen in the video
the surge was well over the bank with 
40 minutes to the top of the tide.
I did enjoy it, except for that mass
of weed. The only way to get the weed off was cutting the line
but as my glasses were covered on spray  very quickly,
tying shock leaded knots was a real pain. 

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