Saturday, 14 November 2015

The edge of ex Hurricane Kate. 14-11-15

The local forecaster last night said 
it would be the rain and not the wind
that would be the problem
and he was right.
I went down to Rockingham
with my son, arriving at
It was raining but the wind was lighter
than I thought it would be.
It was also quite warm.
Two rods were loaded with
lug, rag and squid.
3/0 - 4/0 pennel pullies
and wishbone rigs were used. 
First cast produced a small
Codling on the wishbone rig,
followed by an other a couple
of casts later.
The Bladder Seaweed now
became a problem, with large clumps of it
floating by and snagging our lines.
With one of these pulling my rig
along the bottom, I had no choice
but to wind it in.
While pulling the weed and other
rubbish (including plastic),
from the shock leader knot,
I felt the line pulling out.
This was a Codling of 
between 1 1/2 and 2ld.
This one had taken squid.
As can be seen from this photo
it was quite muddy
 The fish now seemed to have stopped feeding
as it was a while before once again
I pulled in an other Codling (slightly smaller this time)
again hidden by weed which also hid the bite.
That was all before high tide, 08.26 and 12.6mtrs.
There were no more signs of life and by
09.00 we were proper drowned rats.
So with more weed and now logs floating down tide
we decide to call it a day.

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