Friday, 13 November 2015

Out sea fishing. 11-11-13

Deciding I wanted some thing different
I headed down for a low tide session at 
Ladye Bay Clevdon.
Low water was just after 1.15pm,
I arrived there at 09.30.
This strange vessel was passing by,
it carries Wings and other aircraft
parts for Airbus industries.
 Well I set up using two rods,
on using a Wishbone rig
the other a 1/0 - 4/0 pulley rig.
Straight off a small Codling
took Lug on the Wishbone.
For the next hour I was plagued
by tiny fish.
6 Small Codling, 2 small Pouting, 1 tiny Whiting
and the smallest Conger I've ever caught.
So I now used 4/0 - 4/0 pennel pulley rigs.
 With the hooks being stripped of worm baits
by these small fish, I used small Squid
This however stopped the bites completely,
the worm carried on being stripped off
but the Squid was not touched. 
 The tide was a 12.8mtr,
which showed a lot of sand.
It was a nice to have a change
of fishing style
not of the same result.
Had a nice chat with my eldest son
who popped down to give me some support.
That climb down and then back up again
has played havoc with my knees.
Should be out tomorrow morning
at Rockingham.

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