Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Dry, wet and windy.18-11-15

Another free morning saw me
setting up on the ledges at
Ladye Bay.
It was quite warm with a south westerly breeze.
At first it was clear but later 
the cloud thickened and then the rain
came down with the very gusty wind was back.
The usual rigs and baits were used
with the first cast at 07.20.
High water was at 11.00 and 11.4 mtrs.
There was a lot of Bladderwort
weed floating past so I knew 
there would be problems,
however it was only an annoyance.
The first fish was a 3 inch Whiting
taking Lug and Squid cocktail
on a 4/0 hook.
 This poor Kittiwake had taken
a battering at some time.
Its left leg was broken in two places
and the right on had a gash on it.
It could still fly but stayed about 10 feet from me
most of the session.
However by the time I left
it was well fed.

This is the first Kittiwake 
 I've seen this far up the channel.
Just about at the top of the tide
I pulled in this Doggie (Cat Shark)
to Squid wrapped in Lug and Rag.
The wind by now was gusting happily
and the rain started making the
rock quite slippery.
By 12.00 the weed was back and the 
rocks were very slippery.
So I decided to pack up.
I only managed one more tiny
Whiting which was foul hooked.
So ended another enjoyable fishing trip.

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