Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Last swim pays off. 26-11-13

With the forecasted  possible
-4, I decided to stay in bed 
a couple of hours.
So getting up to Lacock at 10am
 I walked a couple of fields to a stretch
  I had not tried before.
With the frost still on the ground
set up with the usual baits but
decided to go lighter.
 The first swim was a straight flow down to a couple of overhangs.
On the far bank was a slack back eddie,
with the flow down the near bank.
Well I had a few knocks and taps but nothing
took the bait. After an hour and half I moved on to
swim 2.
This was a sweeping curve with flow
around the near bank. Again
I put one over the far bank and 
the other on the near side.
I also tried the center line.
Well all I can say about this one,  
was I slipped and nearly ended up
in 10ft of water.
Enough of that one.
So one to number 3.
Again a sweeping curve
but this time there was a good over hang on the near side.
One rod was dropped down almost under
my feet.
The other was sent down stream and pulled under the
Once again some knocks and pulls
but no takes.
 On to swim 4 and the same story
except no plinks or tugs and
with two hours till dark,
I moved on.
So on to lucky 5,
This time the far bank was shallow
so I put one long down the middle
and the other under bushes on the near side.
I was using the my own boillie mix all day,
so I was a bit reluctant to keep using it.
Glad I did use it. Almost straight away I had a good pull on the long cast
but it pulled under the bushes and caught in a snag.
Lost that one.
Straight out again to the same spot.
Bingo! I pulled that one in a 9.oz Chub.
Back out to the same spot.
By now the one under my feet was showing signs of interest.
I put my bait on and with in 3 minutes the rod had wizzed
off and this nice 11.oz was in the net.
My boillie can be seen in the net.
Well I managed three more Chub to 5.oz.
But it was too dark by now so I packed up.
As Wallace likes to say "What a grand day out".

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