Monday, 8 September 2014

Cows, fish and broken landing net handle.

Having decided on a plan to look at the swims 
at Limply Stoke and get to know the features.
I took the usual kit plus the float rod
and maggots over ground bait.

On arriving at the field at 12.00, I was
surprised to find a small herd of calfs.
I mixed the ground bait and and put in 
three orange size balls straight away
plus some maggots and pellets.

I first of all set up the usual ledger rods,
and cast out to both banks down stream.

Then I settled down to loose feed
6 - 10 maggots every few minutes
down the float line.

I now heard some snuffling behind me
and turned round to find the calfs
taking an interest in what I was doing.
Well they got bored quite quickly
and went back to eating grass.

I started getting some interest
on the far bank rod and
so extended the landing net handle
and placed it on the edge of the bank.
The far bank rod then pulled round
and a Chub then ran towards the
rushes. I manged to turn it and the fish then
tried to get into some reeds 
 in the middle of the river.
Well again it failed to get to them.
I bent down to pick up the landing net
when "CRACK" the landing net handle 
So with only half a handle
I had to jump down the six foot
to the bottom of the bank.
Well I landed the Chub and then had to
climb back up. Not to easy with my bad ankle.
Anyway this 2lb 12oz Chub
was my prize.
 The youngsters were back but soon
turned away bored.
 Anyway a few trots down the float line
proved that only small fish were
showing interest in the maggots.
I decided to drop a ledgered pellet
on the ground bait and sat back to
await the out come.
Half an hour later,
 after an other visit from the locals,
The pellet gobbled down the pellet
and this 2lb 15oz fella was in the net.
 With another Chub to the far bank
rod coming in at 2lb 8oz,
I then went back to the float.
I had a very pleasant hour and a half
 Dace, small Chub and minnows.
The float line was in line with the
rod rest down a drop off.
Well as it was getting dark
I packed up and said good bye 
to my little friends.

I am now trying to repair
the landing net handle
and look for a new one.

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