Thursday, 4 September 2014

Down Limpley Stoke way. 03-09-14

At long last I managed
an escape trip.
So popped down to Limpley Stoke
to try out a new venue.
This seemed the best spot
for a short walk with an iffy ankle.

I started fishing at 14.00 and pre baited 
4 swims.
So settled into swim 1.
This was between to  over hanging trees
Not much room to manoeuver here
but it looked really fishie.
If there were fish in the swim
they were at home watching
the T.V.
On rod was over the far bank
 with boillie and the other down the near side
with pellet.
Not a touch.
So after 2 hours i 
moved on to swim two.
 This swim again looked like
it could also throw up
a Chub or two.
Well with the same set up as before I settled
down to see what was around.
I started getting some signs of life,
 with the far bank rod nodding and
In the end the rod tip kept nodding
gently so I decided to lift the rod.
This 3lb 4 1/4oz Chub was on but not very
exited, putting up a very poor showing.
I weighed and photographed it
then left it in the keep net
so it would not upset the rest.
 That idea did not work as there was no 
further sign of life.
On to the next swim,
this one had a lot of cabbage leaves
With some streamer weed in places.
Looking for gaps in the vegetation
I used the same tactics,
this time the results were the same.
No signs of life.
I left at 20.00.

I met another fisherman
who only managed 2 Chub.

Well I need to spend more time there.
It was great to get back onto the bank
and the ankle held up.

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