Friday, 19 September 2014

Early session on the Frome. 18-09-14

An early dark walk up to the chosen swim,
and setting up as quietly as possible,
did not help.
I used pole at 10 - 13mtrs
using maggot, caster and hemp
loose fed over ground bait.
I used a 0.5grm and 1.00grm
with 3lb main line and 1 1/2lb hook length
and size 18 up to 14 hooks.
Loose feeding around 6 maggots and caster
on a regular interval, 
as well as half a pouch of hemp.
This American Signal Crayfish
and one other were trundling 
around the shallow area in front of my swim.

 I fished the hook from 12 inches over depth
to 12 inches off the bottom
without getting much action.
As can be seen one small roach and a Dace
with plenty of Minnows was the end result.
I took the keep net out early
to let it dry out a bit before packing up.
In the end I packed up early after 3 1/2 hours,
mainly because of the dogs and there owners.
Next time I will try trotting

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