Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Late rush at Limpley Stoke. 16-09-14

 I have just got to the first of my chosen swims
and exactly where I want to put my baits,
these two swans are feeding happily.
 So I tried out some other areas.
This will help when the water levels
Eventually the one under the near side
overhang  moved off.
So under went my bait.
 Well by 15.30 there was no sign off life.
So onto my main swim of the day.
This time I had signs of life straight away.
This time I was loose feeding some Casters.
and at 16.20 the first proper bite.
After a really good fight, this
3lb 1oz Chub was in the net.
 No 2 Chub was in net
20 minutes later, again putting up a really good show.
This was 2lb 9 1/2oz.
Now it was time for the swans to catch up with me
and spent an hour paddling round the swim.
 By now had managed to put out 
a fair few freebies, I could now settle down
to wait on some action.
It was not until 18.00 that I again had some signs of life.
Around 18.20 I lost a Chub to to some reeds on the 
far bank.
Then just before 19.00
I had my next Chub this time 2lb 1oz.
 By 19.45 this 3lb 13oz Chub was on the bank
and was the biggest of the day.
I had to pack up then as it was to dark to continue
In between I managed two other Chub
2lb 9oz and 3lb 3oz.
The calfs in the field are very curious
and spent a long time watching me,
they then escorted me out of the field.

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