Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The worm, the maggot and the sweetcorn.

Took the pole down to the
Bristol Frome
this morning for a short explore
of a swim I've not fished for a
good few years.

Fortunately there were no snags in it,
so  no tackle was lost.

Starting just after 6.30 am,
I fed a small pouch of hemp
and 4 - 5 maggots every few minutes
over a small bed of ground bait.

I caught a minnow on
double red maggot on a size 14 hook
first put in.
Then a small 6" Trout
took a white and red maggot.
A few more Minnows decided
they were hungry before 
I caught a nice Dace.

The Minnows even took a whole
worm with a grain of sweetcorn
and a Maggot cocktail on a size 16 hook.

This is how it continued
till 10.00.
So I guess I ended up with
a couple of pound,
which is not quite what I expected.

One good thing is that a swim
which didn't have any fish in it last year
now has a small head of Chub,
so I will take my Centre Pin 
down for a bit gentle trotting.

But that will have to wait for next week
as no free time till then.

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