Sunday, 10 November 2013

A rainy morning on the grass bank. 09-11-13

With a good coat and leggings
I set up at Rockingham 
with rag, lug and squid.
The tide was a 12 meter at 10.59.

I used long drop pennel pulley rigs
and wishbone rigs.
The rain was light at 09.00 and
only got heavier till just after high water.
Thankfully the wind was almost none existent
so bit detection was great.
Once again the the first cast
was snapped up by two greedy
little Codling.  As the tide was still around 20 yards
out, I  had to put the little fish in a fresh water. 
Pool at the bottom of the bank.
They both swam off when the tide reached them.

I ended up with 17 fish, 2 were Whiting the rest Codling. 
One of which was just over 2lb. 
All bar 20 fish took the Lugworm.
I packed up at 12.15 as the tide had reached the bottom of the
bank and the mud was showing.
So off I went to dry out.

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