Sunday, 10 November 2013

Nice spot to cast from. New Passage 10-11-13

Decided to head a little up channel today.
So went to a spot just up stream of the 
Second Severn Bridge.
Starting fishing at 08.30 I set a set of long and short
Pennel Pulley rigs.
With left over worm and squid I had to cast 
full length to get over some tackle hungry ground.
Those granite  boulders are very
slippery when wet, so when I wound in I was 
very careful walking on them.
I cast from on the prom its self,
as the safer footing allows for better casting. 
 As can be seen the recent big tides and wind 
had thrown plenty of rubbish and tree trunks
on to the prom.
Also I found some small rocks and
placed them at the bottom of the tripod
feet to stop them slipping.
It can also be seen that the weather was
A light northerly at first soon calmed
and then after the tide turned
became a light southwester.
Lovely and warm it was a magic
Shame the fishing was very good. 
Four Silvers and a tiny Codling were all
that I caught. Every cast had a Silver
Eel one it but thankfully they fell off,
leaving the hook lengths in a right tangle.
Plenty of rigs will be worked on to
repair them.

There were also some lovely people stopping
by for a chat.

WOW! That was a great session for

The weather is looking good at the moment 
after Monday so hopefully
a river trip later in the week,
unless my son decides to fish some where.

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