Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Lacock 19-11-13

Well I could not handle the lack
of fresh air any longer.
With the cold or what ever
else I've got still not getting
better, I decided it had to be kill or cure.

So packed the kit into the car and 
legged it up the M4 to Lacock.
There was a good frost on the ground
and no wind.
So fed a few swims as I headed up stream.
First cast was at  07.00 with luncheon meat.
The other rod had worm or pellet baits.

What a grand morning it turned out
to be.
As can be seen, a light mist lifted off the river
 while the bank was very muddy.
The water was much clearer than I expected,
with more than 3 feet visibility.
I cast one rod over to the far bank under an
over hanging tree.
The second rod was cast down the near side to a
recently fallen tree.
Unfortunately the fishing did not come
up to my hopes. 
 The first swim produced a few rattles
but nothing was landed.
By 9am I moved up to the next swim
one I had had some good bites on previous
This time I didn't get any knocks,
 but I did have a nice
cup of tea in the sun shine.
As the morning got older
the breeze started up, so
the left over leaves started to
come down.
Around 11.00 I headed
down river and looked at some swims
that looked good but very slippery so had to
be missed out.
I should be able to fish a few more swims next month,
as the Misses is getting me a longer
landing net handle for 55th.

Well I fished two further swims, 
both under big trees, with the same results.
So for the last 20 minutes I put a size 14 hook on
and fished worm under the near bank
with worm.
Well that saved the blank,
a Dace, bigger than the Codling I 
caught during my last sea fishing trips,
and a few Minnows were caught.

I was on my way home by 2pm.
Well I do feel a bit better
and looking forward to
my next trip.

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