Sunday, 24 November 2013

First visit to Limpley Stoke 24-11-13

Jason's tree trunks and egg whisks.
More suited to Carp fishing,
me thinks.

Jason my middle son dragged me
off to his favorite venue.
We arrived just as it was light enough to
to tackle up. We walked to the second field
and picked our spots.
As I've said, this was my first visit.
So as it was quite low lights 
it was a bit of a guess where to set up.
I chose a spot with a row of over hanging
trees to my right and a good over hang
on the far bank.
Setting up with my first rod under the trees 
to my right, baited up with pellets, and small stocking of freebies. 
I was just baiting up the second rod with luncheon meat,
when the tip of my first rod nodded then swung round.
This produced a good tug and the line pulled out
further under the trees.
It was now that I noticed the log and branches
almost under my feet. Well after a short
tug of war, I netted a plump
2lb 9oz Chub. (Below).
So my first produced a  fish in around two
Grand I thought in for a good day.
Well it was not to be fish wise.
I failed to get more than a couple of
rattles. I tried three more swims with out attracting
any thing.
I'm not sure if it was the frost or the brilliant late
autumn sunshine that put them off
the feed. Everything was very white when we got there
so I was expecting the Chub to feed.
Eventually I for the last hour I 
popped into a cracking swim with a good flush
down the middle.
This spot Jason told me was a good Chub swim.
So with on rig cast straight across
and the other diagonally down stream,
I was very expectant of a fish.
So around 13.45 I the now classic 
rattles and then the pull down, this produced
a lovely 3lb 3oz Chub, this one also
took the pellet bait.
 I do like Chub but I am starting to miss
the smaller species.
Especially Roach.
I found that I had a better presentation 
by having a the rods high, this
helped stop the few leaves that were
in water from pulling the line. I
also used Lob worms and a couple 
of home made paste's I had

Jason managed a Chub around the same
size as mine. He is getting
desperate for a Barbel.
Scale down your tackle
Jay. The smaller weights worked.

The bird life was amazing, and I will
 take a pair of binoculars with me. Also
with the railway line on the other bank 
it was good to see the steam engine
"Britannia" Heading for Bath and Bristol.
Shame I did not have my better camera
with me.

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